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Pura Vitta Omega 3


Pura Vitta Omega 3
1000mg, 60 capsules


The basic components of fats are fatty acids. There is among them a variety of substances known as Omega 3. Omega fatty acids are essential to the human body.

Eating more fish may help us improve our diet and accordingly our state of health. Many studies regarding health benefits from fatty acids omega-3 reveal that fish is one of its main sources. Salmon, sardines, tuna and even shellfish are especially rich in fatty acids omega-3.


Pura Vitta Omega 3 is produced in Brazil from fish oils rich in Omega 3.

Fatty acids produce the effect of reducing the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides and in turn reduce the platelet aggregation in the arteries. This implies that the platelets circulating in the blood do not adhere to one another, preventing thus the formation of clots. Among other functions of Omega-3 stands out its intervention in the formation of membranes of cells; they constitute the majority of cerebral tissues being nerve cells rich in fatty acids Omega-3; they become prostaglandines, substances having a major role in the regulation of cardiovascular, immunological, digestive, reproductive systems and have an anti-inflammatory. Fatty acids Omega 3 are poly unsaturated fats appearing as oils. Linoleic omega 3 oils, and linoleic and arachidonic omega 6 oils. Such as EPA and DHA in fish and sea food. Fatty acids Omega 3 are found in high concentrations in fish and in less proportion in seeds and vegetable oils such as linseed, soy, pumpkin and nuts. Their consumption reduces the levels of cholesterol in blood, TAG, the ischemic damage following a heart attack and cerebrovascular accidents by reducing the viscosity of blood and arterial pressure. It is recommended to eat fish with a high content of fatty acids omega-3 twice a week to feel its beneficial effects for the health. Although not all fish are rich in these components, eating various types of fish on a regular basis can contribute significant amounts.

Fish and seafood are excellent sources of protein and contain few fats. One hundred grams of any kind of fish or seafood provide some 20 grams of proteins, that is, about one third of the daily recommended amount. Proteins from fish are high quality and contain abundant essential amino acids; additionally, it is a food that is digested for persons of all ages. In general, seafood contains also less calories and fats than meat, chicken or pork and the same or slightly less than amount of cholesterol.

The content of fat from fish varies according to the species and the season. Seafood and white fish (shrimps, lobster, mussels, squids, eglefin, codfish, plaice or flatfish) contain very little fat, less than 5%. Bluefish contain levels of fat between 5 and 25%: sardine and tuna fish (5-10%); smoked herring, anchovies, mackerel or salmon (10-20%), and eel (25%). Although the fat content of these fish is higher, it is mostly unsaturated fat. Sea products have also minerals such as iron, zinc and calcium (Cannes fish with soft and edible bones the best way to increase the provision of fat acids omega-3 to our diet is by consuming, frequently, fish and seafood, containing more fat acids omega-3 than omega-6; and oils and seeds rich in alpha-linoleic acid (a precursor of omega-3) such as canola and linseed oil. Thus, it is possible to balance fatty acids of our body.

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