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Noni & Borojo Capsules

Noni & Borojo Capsules 450 mg, 60 capsules

Borojo (Borojoa patinoi) is a tropical, highly energetic and nutritious fruit. The ripe Borojo fruit has exceptional properties for the food and health market.
The Borojo fruit is famous because of its aphrodisiac and health properties. Borojo is highly energetic, with a very high protein content. Borojo has essential amino acids for the body, and its phosphorous content is high. This fruit is very nutritious and full of proteins, great as a dietary supplement for vegetarians.

Borojo has been classified under “Promissory vegetal species not well known” by the prominent researcher Victor Manuel Patiño, from Instituto Vallecaucano de Investigaciones Científicas, INCIVA, Colombia. In fact, the name of the species “patinoi” comes from his second name.

Borojo grows mainly in the zone of “Geographic Chocó”. Among other species of the genus Borojoa, only the so called “puruí" from Bajo Amazonas, (B. sorbilis y B. verticillata), are similar to chocoan borojo.

Characteristic DNA sequences of main species of Borojoa and of Borojoa sp. have been determined by Claes Persson, from Botanical Institute, Göteborg University, Sweden. The growing interest about this fruit is leading to many projects of research and development.

The Pura Vitta Noni & Borojo capsules are produced using high quality fruit.


Pura Vitta Noni & Borojo capsules are 100% Natural Energy!

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