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Pura Vitta Maca

100 Capsules, 300mg
Pura Vitta Maca

General Description
Family : Solanaceae
GENDER : Lepidium
SPECIES : peruvianum

Common names:
Preuvian Ginseng
Ayak Chichira
Ayuk Willku

Part used: Roots (Hypocholites)

Earthly Products takes advantage of the qualities of this marvelous root, and packages it to offer you a quality product recommended both for children and adults.

Maca is a perennial plant grown in the heights of the Andean Mountains between 3,800 - 4,200 meters above the sea level. It is the food resistant to frosts, hailstorms, draughts and strong winds more than any other, hence, its strength. The part that is used is the tuberous root, which has the shape of a pear, more than 7 cm. in diameter and its color is pale white. Although it is a perennial plant, it grows annually, and 7-9 months are required to plant and harvest it.

Therapeutical Properties

Due to its HIGH NUTRITIONAL VALUE, this ancestral tubercle is considered as a basic complement, important and essential for everyone. It is considered a NATURAL COMPLETE NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT, intended for children and adolescents who need all proteins and minerals to grow strong and healthy, young and adults, in order to stay full of energy throughout the day; elderly, who need nutrients to prevent decalcification of bones, in addition to stimulate the body with natural energy and, athletes or persons doing sports activities, who need all essential amino acids to keep in shape.

Maca Composition

It contains calcium in a higher concentration than milk. That is why it is a powerful reconstituent for anemia and convalescent from illnesses requiring the formation of red corpuscles; it is indispensable for the formation of bone, teeth, skeleton and for blood clotting, in the functioning of the heart, nerves and blood system.

Zinc favors oxygenation of tissues. It also contributes to the normal development of hair.

Its alkaloids act on the Central Nervous System Producing energy in those persons consuming it, It helps in the production of hemoglobin to prevent anemia caused by lack of them.

Maca contains more than any other tubercle.

It constitutes a great reconstituent of endocrine glands, especially thyroid. CALCIUM and PHOSPHOROUS assists in the growth of human body and the bone formation.

Used by human beings for maintenance and replacement of energy.

A big amount of fiber reduces the risk of cancer In the large intestine, by stimulating its functioning Thus helping the body to eliminate food residues
that are not used.

Maca contains Macaine 1, 2, 3 and 4. Maca’s alkaloid extract could activate the hormones regulating the metabolism of calcium and phosphorous in the blood.

It helps the structural functions affecting the skeleton and soft tissues, and regulating functions such as neural muscular transmission.

Benefits attributed to the consumption of Maca

• Energizing, reconstituent, rejuvenating.
• It might help increase fertility.
• It might help reducs stress.
• It might help prevent hair loss.
• It is not fattening and therefore it is recommended for diets.
• It might help reduce cholesterol
• It might help increase the body defenses.
• It might help regulate the menstrual cycle.


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