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Pura Vitta Borojo Juice


Pura Vitta Borojo juice is made from fresh organic Borojo fruits from the jungles of Colombia and Darien, Panama.

The fruit is recollected with extreme care, but only the ones that fall from the tree. We dont cut the fruit from the tree, because if they are cut the nutraceutical properties of the fruit are diminished. Quality controls are applied and only the best fruits are selected. The selected fruits are processed in our factory, where they go thru a cleaning, depulping, pasteurization and bottling process.

Pura Vitta Borojo juice is bottled using dark amber glass bottles to protect its contents from light. It has a shelf life of two years, but it has to be refrigerated once it is opened.

Borojo itself is very tasty, but a little acidic, so we use Passion fruit to neutralize the PH in the juice.

The Borojo fruit has proteins, so the juice is an excellent source of proteins, specially for vegetarians who usually need alternate protein intake.

We have been using Borojo as a natural energy supplement in our products since year 2000, therefore we have experience handling, processing and exporting Borojo as juice, jelly and tablets.

Consumption suggestions: Pura Vitta Borojo juice

2 oz in the morning on an empty stomach. 2 oz before dinner. Borojo provides energy, if the 2oz before dinner affects your sleep, don't use it before dinner, and only use it in the morning. Remember that Borojo is a natural fruit, so you can vary the amount you consume depending on your body mass and reaction to the fruit. Some people feel more energy than others.

Since children have a lot of energy, it is better not to give them this product, unless using it as part of an asthma therapy.

Pura Vitta Borojo juicePura Vitta Borojo Juice
33.8oz / 1 litre presentation


Pura Vitta Borojo juice is completely natural. Always consult your doctor.


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