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Pura Vitta Noni Juice

Pura Vitta Noni Juice has a high Noni fruit concentration, mixed with grape natural juice for better taste. If you know how the Noni fruit smells or tastes, you will recognize the difference between Pura Vitta and other brands. We use fresh Noni fruit pulp.

Our Noni plantations are located very near the manufacturing plant; we do not use dried Noni fruit, frozen or pulverized (from other regions) to make our Noni Juice. We rather use fresh organic Noni fruit.

Our Noni Juice is pasteurized. Doing this process does not damage or affects the noni properties. Noni juice should always be pasteurized for your protection.

Pura Vitta Noni juice sells since the year 2000 in Latin America, Bahamas, Europe and the Middle East.

The fruit recollection and juice production is done under strict supervision.

We do not use fertilizers or pesticides in our Noni farms, making our product 100% organic.

No additives or preservatives are added to our Noni Juice.

Pura Vitta produces its Noni Juice in thick, dark glass bottles to protect the product from light; also, glass is the best type of container for this product.

Pura Vitta Noni Juice has a life expectancy of 2 years before opening. After opening, keep refrigerated.

Pura Vitta Noni Juice

Pura Vitta Noni Juice
33.8oz / 1 litre presentation

Panamanian Noni: Information, history, origins.

Noni from Panama

The Noni shrub or small tree blossoms in virgin lands, generally near the sea; it grows up to 10 feet high (or more). It gives fruit the whole year round.

The fruit is green until maturity, when it turns to a light yellow and then a translucent white. The fruit has approximately 8 cm in diameter, and its pulp is brownish and dense.

Origin and geographic distribution:

Panama, mostly in the areas of Bocas Del Toro, Colon, and San Blas.
Outside of Panama:
Antilles (general), Asia, Central America (general), Oceania (including Australia).
It grows best in virgin land.

II. Origins of the Noni fruit
The Noni shrub or small tree occurs in India, Antilles (general), Asia, Central America (general), and Oceania including Australia (Missouri Botanical Gardens). According to some references (Krauss, 1993; Uhe, 1974; Whistler, 1992), the consumption was limited to times of famine due to the rather bitter taste and foul odor of the ripe fruits.
Due to the presence of anthraquinone derivatives in roots and bark, these parts of the plant have been used as sources for coloring (dye) agents (Thomson, 1971), a use for which Noni remained popular in Polynesia, Asia and Europe until the 1950s.

Morinda citrifolia L. has been used in Polynesia as folk medicine (Hirazumi, 1997), and the fruit, flower, leaves, bark and root of the fruit have all been used for diverse medicinal purposes, as the Scientific Committee on Food’s Opinion on Noni juice (11 December 2002) describes in greater detail.

The Noni fruit (Morinda citrifolia L.) grows native in Panama. The Noni fruit used in the preparation of Pura Vitta Noni Juice is native from Panama; the species used in the elaboration of “Pura Vitta Noni Juice” is Morinda citrifolia L.

A study made by Missouri Botanical Gardens in 1980, called “Flora of Panama”, shows that Morinda citrifolia L. is native from Panama. Missouri Botanical Garden’s database results, which can be found in the Internet at and type Morinda citrifolia in the search engine at the bottom.
Noni fruit
Noni fruit


The Pura Vitta Noni Juice has a high Noni fruit percentage in its formula, and it is mixed with a small quantity of grape juice for better taste. Pura Vitta Noni juice is completely natural.

2 oz in the morning on an empty stomach. 2 oz 30 minutes before dinner.

1 oz a day, preferably in the morning, on an empty stomach.


The suggestions above could vary depending on body mass. Always consult your doctor.


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